• • Surveillance and recording software, allowing the user to exercise optimum control over all areas of operation, connect to any IP network - including the internet -  enabling remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world with video monitoring function, including recording and event management. Software that works as a Matrix, allowing the display and recording from hundreds of cameras on one or more servers.

    • Video Analysis Software such as motion detection, audio detection and tamper alarms.

    • Software that integrates data from the most cutting edge and widely used of monitoring technologies, including video cameras, access card readers and biometric fingerprint  data with the broadest range of communication devices, from smart phones to pagers for PDA’s.

    • Software that allows not only the detection, but also the classification of anomalies.

    • Software that allows end users to choose the best technologies for each required scenario (video, infrared, RFID, etc.), with the assurance of seamless integration across different technologies.

    • IP Cameras PTZ DOME type, with advanced motion and zoom functions, high performance for internal, external and perimeter surveillance apps.

    • Fixed Cameras with Megapixel resolution allowing digital zooming without the loss of image quality.

    • Cameras that include technologies such as IP Telephony, two way audio recording, optimizing bandwidth usage with day / night sensors and the ability to handle wide angle lenses of 90 °, dual lens cameras that allow merged visualization of 180°and Indoor / outdoor cameras with 360 º display.

    • Infrared heat detection cameras.

    • Cameras for applications in harsh environments.

    • Video Signal Conversion from Analog to Digital.

    • Standard cameras, mini cameras and micro cameras for basic video surveillance installations.

    • Digital Recording Systems for Analogue cameras, which can take from 4 to 32 fixed and/or mobile cameras, as well as IP cameras.

    • Integration with alarm systems, access control, evacuation systems and locks etc., for optimal performance of safety systems.

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